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Meet our Team of Professionals at our Paso Robles Dentistry

Debbie Brown

Office Manager

 Debbie has worked in the dental profession for 22 years – 20 years for Dr. Mark Iversen until his retirement and now two years for Dr. Huiras. Debbie has four daughters and ten grandchildren (seven who live in Paso Robles). Weekends often find her corralling a small herd of kids and she counts it a blessing to be able to be so involved in their lives. She is an avid reader, enjoys sewing, and doesn’t miss an episode of NCIS. Over the years, Debbie has come to know and care for our patients in a very special way. Often she will have someone in the office telling her all about their most recent celebrations and also frequently sharing their heartaches with her. Debbie loves the interaction with the patients. She is experienced in dealing with insurance companies, treatment plans, and financial arrangements. She does her best to make sure that each person is well-informed regarding their insurance coverage and also works hard to ensure that each person is able to schedule the treatment they need in a timely, convenient manner. Sometimes, dental treatment causes people anxiety and Debbie does her best to reassure them so that they are comfortable here. In her own words, “I’m very grateful to have a job that I have loved for so long! I truly do not mind coming to work. Dr. Huiras and all of our wonderful families make being here a pleasure!”

Laura DeLoura

Registered Dental Assistant

Laura is our fiery, red-headed assistant. She’s a local girl who grew up in Atascadero. After graduating from Cuesta College she went on to Allen Hancock where she completed their dental assisting program and passed her clinical and written exams to become an RDA (registered dental assistant). She has been at this office for 17 years and is proficient in all aspects of assisting. She is able to make our patients feel comfortable no matter what treatment they are having done. She is sensitive to any anxiety they may feel and her sense of humor puts everyone at ease. Laura enjoys kids tremendously and spends lots of time with her niece and nephews and any other strays (human or otherwise) she can grab. In her spare time she enjoys making child-size quilts that she then donates to local charities and packing backpacks with gifts of books, art supplies, etc. for needy children at Christmas time. She has an adventurous streak and is prone to dragging her husband and son around exploring new activities and places that are close to home. 

Melia Goss

Registered Dental Hygienist

Melia joined our team in 2012. She is originally from Los Angeles County, where she received her Bachelor's in Dental Hygiene and Master's in Gerontology from the University of Southern California. She enjoys working with her patients to help them achieve optimal oral health, while building friendships and positive experiences. 
Melia enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and friends, while doing various activities such as running, hiking and camping. Melia and her husband welcomed their first child into the world in November 2015 and are expecting their second in March 2018. It is important to them to teach their children how to live an active and healthy life while enjoying nature's fresh air.

Kathy Cope

Registered Dental Hygienist

Kathy has been a hygienist for 43 years and has lived in Paso and worked at this practice for almost 30 years. She loves her job! Kathy was born in Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. She has a B.S. in Dental Hygiene from USC and she regularly takes continuing education courses to stay current with the advancements of dental practice and knowledge. Her husband is a retired dentist and they often take classes together and can then share information with each other. Kathy is committed to providing the best possible care to each individual patient. She considers them her extended family. She not only knows all about their teeth but she remembers which child is graduating, who’s having a baby, and where they went on their last vacation! Kathy has two grown children. Her daughter is married and is an OB/GYN in Illinois and her son lives in San Francisco and is a Project Manager in a drug research company. In her spare time Kathy loves reading, walking, yoga and she has a passion for learning. Her husband loves to travel so of course, she is keeping him company on a number of trips that he has planned. They’ve been married for over 40 years so I’d say they’ve got the whole togetherness thing down pat. Kathy never fails to bring her very best to her patients and we are honored to have her as a member of our staff.

Chris Newman

Registered Dental Hygienist

Chris is the newest member of our team and joined us in December, 2017. She is a Central Coast native and feels blessed to have been born and raised here, as well as being able to raise her own two sons in the same beautiful area. They are now grown and beginning their own families. Chris is ecstatic to have her first grandchild and loves spending time with her whenever possible. Chris lives a very healthy lifestyle consisting of good nutrition and a regular fitness routine.  She enjoys hiking our local mountains and visiting nearby beaches and lakes as often as she can.  Chris started her journey to become a dental hygienist back in 1997 when she attended Alan Hancock College and received her Associate’s Degree.  She then moved on to Oxnard Community College and received her certificate as a Registered Dental Hygienist graduating with honors in 2002.  Since then, she’s had the opportunity to work in several types of dentistry including periodontics, prosthodontics, holistic, and orthodontics. She has gathered a vast amount of information and experience during her 16 year career and continues to educate herself to keep up with the latest technology, techniques and products. She loves working as a dental hygienist for many reasons and seeing her patients is at the top of her list!

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